What drives a student stay in Canada after graduation..?

The satisfaction one derives from an experience is the motivating factor to spread the word about it. One of the most in-demand study destinations in the world is Canada. The socio-cultural and economic factors pull international students to not just study but also stay after their graduation. There is a level of motivation among Canadian students to apply for permanent residence after they graduate.

“Retaining International Students in Canada Post-Graduation: Understanding the Motivations and Drivers of the Decision to Stay,” is based on two surveys: A World Education Services survey of prospective international students coming to Canada and a survey by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE). It’s a Survey about international students currently studying at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

The survey clearly says more than 50% of prospective international students are motivated to are willing to work in Canada after graduation and are interested in becoming ‘Permanent residents’.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) say there are 642,480 international students in Canada as of December 31, 2019. It’s an increase of over 13% when compared to 2018.

“The new data clearly demonstrates the continuing attractiveness of Canada as a study destination,” said Larissa Bezo, President and CEO of CBIE. “Our research shows that international students choose Canada because of the quality of the Canadian education system and our reputation as a safe and tolerant country. This reputation is especially appealing at present given current geopolitical realities, and 96% of international students tell us they would recommend Canada to family and friends.”

One of the prominent reasons for international students to apply for permanent residence is abundant job opportunities and a good standard of living when compared to their country.

Canada’s interest in International Students

International students have been termed “ideal candidates” by the Government of Canada for immigration. Since 2014, the Canadian government has been working closely with territorial and provincial governments, educational institutions for its International Education Strategy to grow the international student population from 239,131 (as of 2011) to 450,000 by 2022. But this number was achieved in the year 2017 itself.

The international student population plays a vital role in Canada’s GDP, contributing a total of $12.8 billion dollars as of 2016.

The Canadian Federal Government is working on enhancing the student experience of current and prospective students continuously. For this, they have introduced “Study permit with the student direct stream”. It’s a program designed for students from India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Morocco, and Senegal” to make the process of applying for a Canadian study permit faster and more efficient for International students.

What drives a student stay in Canada after graduation..?

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