Canada Ranks #7 Overall

Canada’s U21

What’s the first thing a prospective student looks for while looking into higher education..? Rankings! How a university has fared well against others from the past till now. But has anyone looked at the overall rankings of a country the university belongs to..?

Canada Ranks #7 OverallUniversitas 21 is an annual ranking system that ranks the national system of higher education of all countries based on 24 indicators. The countries education has an overall ranking from four modules: Resources, Environment, Connectivity, and Output.

Canada ranks seventh among the top 10 countries outperforming United States, Germany and the United Kingdom for many years for spending to increase the quality of higher education, according to the U21 report.

Canada places sixth in the Australian organization’s higher education ranking under the ‘Resources’ category, which assesses the government and the private sector’s financial support for higher education as a percentage of GDP.

In the ‘Environment’ Canada has improved from 20 to 13. It measures the country’s higher education system based on competition between the third party’s performance monitoring of institution and learning institutions, staff and students diversity.

Canada Ranks #7 OverallCanada has leaped from 14 to 9 in the ‘Connectivity’ category, which measures a country’s strength and reach of its higher education system nationally and internationally. It talks about how a nation’s post’s secondary education provides opportunities for research and development for international education.

Canada ranks seventh in the ‘Output’ category, which assesses the amount of post secondary research produced and how it impacts, employability of graduates, total number of graduates and researchers and the quality of the country’s top universities.

The report also indicates that Canada has “one of the most qualified workforces” in the world.

Canada’s U21

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