How to select the right University..?

How to select the right University..?

The very thought of a foreign education lends a perspective, starting from googling to landing. Although today everyone is a master of google research, good research is one that narrows down to prospective potentials. There are tons of universities offering varied courses in different fields. In the initial stages, the choices would be derived from referrals, rankings, word-of-mouth, etc. But how to select the right university for you..?

 The role of an expert

Everyone is a doctor these days, from advising to administering medicines. But can they replace an actual doctor..? Only an experienced consultant will be able to point you in the right direction. Websites in general are generic catalogues offering a menu of courses. Immigration consultants are the experts that help you pick the right course based on your requirements.

Going abroad for further education might sound like an interesting idea but it comes with its set of parameters. From imparting knowledge on IELTS to scholarships, the role of a consultant is vast. After an initial introduction with the student a case officer is assigned to the student who assists him/her with the entire process.

The Right University

Every student has dreams and aspirations for their future. So many universities, so many courses, the students are at crossroads at deciding the right university. Most students have a certain set of criteria before selecting a University. The consultants help you choose the right University based on your educational qualifications, financial affordability, climate conditions, living expenses, scholarships, etc.


What is IELTS..? International English Language Testing System is a test for all non-native English speakers. Why should you take it..? Well, it’s mandatory since Indians have different mother tongues. All universities expect their students to have undertaken IELTS. It is divided into four parts “Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking”.

Tuition Fees

The said amount paid for the chosen course is the tuition fees. Most students seek help from different financial institutions for paying tuition fees. Assisting them with the documentation process is one of the major roles of a consultant. Getting the right documentation gets your process done faster.

Visa processing

Every country has a different set of requirements for student Visa. It is granted based on multiple factors. Each and every factor is explained and helping them prepare all the necessary documents for applying is done by the consultant.

Post landing services

The student is assisted in finding the right accommodation, pick-up upon arrival from the airport and others upon request.

At every stage of the entire process, assistance is provided through phone calls, emails and texts and made sure it’s smooth sailing for the student.

How to select the right University..?

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