The multiple roles of an Immigration Consultant

The multiple roles of an Immigration Consultant

The very first question that pops up into your mind is ‘Why should I hire a consultant for Immigration? ’ Why not just consult the internet?

When you hire lawyers and accountants for respective matters, immigration consultant provides you with professional assistance you require for migrating into another country. It isn’t like every other journey but a new beginning of your career ‘which requires professional guidance’.

Let’s look at the prospects of hiring the right consultant for immigration into Canada:

Choosing from the best option

When it comes to Canadian immigration there are more than 60 different immigration programs. What if you may be eligible for multiple programs at once? What if you want to migrate with your entire family? For example, a work visa can be applied in many ways. A ‘Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant’ who is an expert understands and assists you to choose the ‘best option’ which otherwise isn’t possible while choosing free online assessment forms. The role of an immigration consultant is not just filling out forms but imparting education on the country’s laws and regulations, different kinds of visas, their duration, and many others. The candidate is provided with a dedicated case officer by the consultancy who guides the entire process.

The communication barrier

Prospective applicants while applying on their own face multiple hardships one of which is the communication barrier. For Canada, English or French is the preferred mode of communication which might be hard while understanding the legalities. But a professional’s job is to liaise with the concerned IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) official which saves a lot of time for a candidate.

Forms and corrections

When you invest a lot of time and money you expect the right returns but what if a minor mistake might cost you dearly? The whole immigration process is not just a serious matter but a strenuous process. Did you know that filling in wrong information or leaving unanswered questions will lead to your application being rejected or sent back for re-application? A rejected application creates a permanent record in their database. A registered ICCRC consultant has all the resources at their disposal and makes sure your application process is done right, free of mistakes, well organized before being submitted to the immigration officials.

The very first step into Canadian immigration is the ‘Educational Credential Assessment’, which requires multiple educational documents and transcripts of the candidate. With the help of the consultant, you’ll be able to get these in order and on time. This helps you get your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.

Perks & Services

An immigration consultant can assist you with personalized services which the general information online won’t be able to provide. From helping you with the settlement services to educating you about the labor market of Canada, the consultant provides ample information. Networking plays a vital role in one’s success, your consultant is the first chain in the larger link to your Canadian future. All the confidential information you have provided will be kept safe. The consultant also helps you with ‘post landing services’, which helps you arrive safely and find accommodation.

The multiple roles of an Immigration Consultant

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