Spotlight on Mental Health & Student Wellness

pandemic has taken a toll on everyone's mental health

Spotlight on Mental Health & Student Wellness

Article Courtesy: ICEF

Spotlight on Mental Health & Student Wellness

Article Courtesy: ICEF

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health in one way or another. But it also arrived last year amid a growing body of research evidence – and an increasing awareness – of the importance of mental health services for international students.

Institutions, service providers, and agents all have a role to play in promoting student wellness, and many have expanded services and programmes in recent years. But there is much more to be done, especially in terms of access to care and with respect to targeted services that reach across cultures and time zones.

With all of that in mind, we have assembled the following featured selection of recent articles on the subject. They reflect both the scale of the challenge with respect to student mental health as well as the important work that stakeholders across international education are doing to support students and families.

We hope that they will be helpful in your own thinking about mental health services, and thank you as always for reading along with us.

Survey finds majority of students struggling with mental health during COVID

International students face unique challenges as a result of the pandemic and may also be more hesitant about asking for help when suffering from a mental health crisis.

How the pandemic is shaping the expectations and decisions of international students

Secondary and post-secondary students the world over face unprecedented challenges due to COVID, and understanding these challenges and developing compassionate policies, strategies, and experiences to respond to them is absolutely key for educators and stakeholders going forward.

Students relying more on education agents for assistance with study abroad decisions

QS data shows that education agents represent an increasingly important marketing channel in the pandemic as international travel is not possible and face-to-face student fairs aren’t happening. QS reports a 33% increase in conversions “when agent-managed students are engaged with directly throughout their decision-making journey.

Best practices in crisis communications during COVID-19

The best crisis communications strategy begins before the crisis occurs, and relies on communicating regularly and empathetically with all stakeholders, including students, so that a foundation of trust and transparency can be built.

How mental health services are adapting to support students during COVID-19

Long before the first COVID cases, institutions and service providers had all been working hard to strengthen mental health services for students. But how is that changing this year? What additional issues are we facing now in terms of student wellness during the pandemic – and especially in terms of emotional health?

Spotlight on Mental Health & Student Wellness

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