Overall Canada has topped the chart

Canada has proven to be a fan favourite among foreign workers and immigrants

Canada: the most favourite destination for foreign workers surpassing the US

Time and again Canada has proven to be a fan favourite among foreign workers and immigrants for its work culture.

In a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network Canada has been named as the most attractive destination over the US among foreign workers. A total of 209,000 were surveyed in 190 countries from October 2020 to December 2020.

The effect of the pandemic

One of the main reasons the US has lost its position is due to the pandemic. The pandemic played a major role in impacting people’s attitudes towards working in a foreign country, with reduced interest in travelling and moving towards stable environments and countries that have contained the pandemic well.

Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand have done a fantastic job in containing the cases relatively in their countries with relatively lower case count with all being in top ten. Germany and France which has always been among the favourites fell two spots in the rankings. The trend seems to have slowly shifted where cities like New York, Barcelona and Rome have become less attractive for foreign workers. Other cities that have done well and have had a low case count includes Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Overall Canada has topped the chart. Canada was highly ranked among postgraduates, PhD holders and many others under 30.

It was not just the scare of the pandemic but also the unstable political environment tightened immigration measures, social unrest made the foreign workers choose Canada over the US.

Worker mobility and preferences

Among Of the 209,000 participants in the survey, only 50 per cent were willing to shift to another country for work.

Rainer Strack one of the authors of the study and a senior partner at BCG said, “Restrictive immigration policies have already weakened the mobility trend.” “COVID is a new variable that is making people cautious about considering international relocation. And with the rise of remote working, many may feel that they can further their careers virtually, without needing to move at all.”

The countries that rank among the top ten have had a low count of COVID-19 cases which includes Canada, Australia and Japan happen to be some of the favourite work destinations among foreign workers. Also, Asia-pacific countries like Singapore and New Zealand have received praises from the rest of the world for handling the pandemic well.

While there are participants showing keen interest in moving to another country, the survey also reflected on the enthusiasm of work-from-home-model while staying in the home country whilst working for a foreign company. 57 percent were interested in this model when it comes to remote international working.

“Canada again is proffered over the US in this remote working model.”

The overall willingness for virtual work was majorly from people working in the digital domains, information technology fields. Over 71 per cent of people were willing to work for companies with no presence in their home country.

“Hiring people from other countries is not a new practice for employers,” said Pierre Antebi, a co-managing director of The Network and one of the report’s authors. “But the trend of remote working makes it possible to do it on a broader scale and expand the available talent pool.”

Canada: the most favourite destination for foreign workers surpassing the US

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