Introduction to Manitoba
With an economy based largely on natural resources and agriculture, Manitoba is a major driver of Canada’s wealth. Manitoba’s population of approximately 1.2 million is located largely in and around the capital city of Winnipeg. Manitobans benefit from tight-knit communities, a stable labour market, and sweeping natural wilderness.

Population – Approximately 1.2 million                                                                                                  Capital – Winnipeg                                                                                                                            Temperature – (Daily Maximums) January -11 ; July 26                                                         Destinations – Winnipeg, Churchill, Brandon

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Other Reasons to Choose This Province

Tuition Rebates
In addition to having some of the most affordable tuition and living costs in the country, Manitoba offers a 60% tax rebate on certain post-secondary fees if you work in the province after graduation.

Subsidized Health Care and Education for Minor Children
Manitoba also offers one of the best insurance programs in the country, including free medical coverage for temporary residents (students and their spouses)  after six full time months of study. If you are studying in Manitoba on a study permit, under some conditions, the province also offers subsidized public school education for your children, saving over $10,000 in international fees.

The MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) Student Category
This immigration category is open to eligible students with a valid credential from an authorized education or training program. The applicant also requires an offer of permanent employment by a Manitoba employer and six months’ full time experience. Students who have graduated outside Manitoba may also be eligible to this program.


Schools in Manitoba, Canada

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