Introduction to Newfoundland and Labrador
The province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province, may be one of the country’s best kept secrets. The province consists of two distinct land masses – Labrador, which is connected to the mainland of Canada, and the nearby island of Newfoundland. A large number of its residents live in the provincial capital of St. John’s, which enjoy a lively culture that draws heavily from its coastal environment. The province has recently evolved into a significant economic force in the Canadian landscape due to a boom in energy and natural resources

Population – Approximately 525,000                                                                                                    Capital – St. John’s                                                                                                                          Temperature – (Daily Maximums) July: 21, January: 1                                                            Destinations – St. John’s, Corner Brook, Stephenville

Select Schools

Why Choose This Province

Affordable Tuition, Excellent Quality
At $8,800 per year, Memorial University of Newfoundland has the second most affordable tuition for any public post-secondary in Canada.

Medicine Programs open to International Students
Unlike most universities in Canada, Memorial University accepts international students into its medicine program.

International Graduate Provincial Nominee (immigration) Program
 If you have completed a full-time, 2 year degree or diploma in Canada and have a job offer, the International Graduate Program in Newfoundland pathway may be for you. Unlike other provincial nominee programs, the NPNP accepts credit for studies outside Canada.

Schools in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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