Introduction to British Columbia
Canada’s westernmost province is a hub of cultural diversity and economic growth. British Columbia’s economy focuses on a strong natural resources sector, with an emphasis on forestry and mining. Its natural environment, with expansive forests and a unique coastal climate, is renowned as one of the most beautiful in Canada and the world. 

Population – Approx. 4.5 million                                                                                                              Capital – Victoria                                                                                                                              Temperature – (Daily Maximums) January 9 ; July 24                                                            Destinations – Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna

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Other Reasons to Select this Province

The BC Transfer System
British Columbia has far and away the best credit transfer program in Canada. The BC Transfer System allows students to undertake studies at one school and then transfer seamlessly to another. This means an easier 2nd or 3rd year admission to some of the most competitive universities in the country. It also allows for students to obtain multiple degrees and – in many cases – quicker immigration to Canada

Education Quality Assessment
BC is the only provincial government that endorses certain schools under an “Education Quality Assessment”. This helps international students choose schools that they may not have visited before and offers them some consumer protection.

The BC PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) International Post-graduate Category
This Provincial Nominee sub-category is open to eligible Master’s and PhD graduates. British Columbia’s International Postgraduate Category limits their selection to students that have studied the Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences.  Job offers and experience are not required.

The BC PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) International Graduates Category

International Graduates with an eligible degree or diploma (minimum eight months) may be considered for this sub-category. Unlike the International Postgraduate Category, a job offer is required. Similarly, through past work experience is optional, the student must be qualified.

Schools in British Columbia, Canada

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