Canada requires Physiotherapists


Why Canada requires more Physiotherapists

Why Canada requires more Physiotherapists

One of the primary health care professionals who assess, prevents, and treats injuries, diseases, and disorders in mobility and movement. They are both in private and public health sectors that provide awareness, management, education, research, therapy, and consultation services.

 “Physiotherapy, being one of the key sectors of health care it forms the greater part of the rehabilitation and mobility market in Canada.”

The awareness about health and fitness has lead to an increasing number of injuries resulting in the demand for more physiotherapists.

The Demand

The demand for physiotherapy has been slowly rising in Canada with British Columbia leading the way. It has the most number of physiotherapists in Canada

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System – ESDC, “For Physiotherapists, over the period 2019-2028, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 13,600, while 11,300 new job seekers (arising from school leavers, immigration, and mobility) are expected to be available to fill them”.

Currently, there is a shortage of physiotherapists and the situation may become more acute during the period of 2019-2028 as the estimated job openings are much higher than expected. The projected openings have arisen mainly from expansion demand in this sector. The aging population and life expectancy are the main reasons for the demand of physiotherapists.

The Rehabilitation and the Mobility market

One of the main areas of a physiotherapist is rehabilitation wherein one treats sports injuries and helps the elderly function day to day activities through physical therapy. It is where fitness and mobility for health and the knowledge for the prevention of injuries is imparted.

Rehabilitation is done by physiotherapists and their assistants and occupational therapist assistants, massage therapists, personal trainers, kinesiologists, and athletic therapists.


 To become a licensed physiotherapist in Canada one needs to take the Physiotherapy Competency Exam after completing a master’s degree. In order to graduate as physiotherapists, students should get a relevant bachelor’s degree.

Kinesiology – An undergraduate degree program that can be done in BA, BSc, BA/BSc, BA/Bed, BA/BM, BSc/BEd, BSc/BM. In each of the programs, the main focus is the study of human development through physical activity. The major topics it will have are anatomy, motor control, biomechanics, culture, exercise physiology, media, race and ethnicity, and leadership. The program paves the way for a master’s in physical therapy for international students. This specialization is also offered at diploma level.

Recreation and Health Education – An undergraduate degree program in recreation and health education. The topics covered here include recreation, wellness, and health promotion, leadership and administration. The program has scope for research while doing the program. This program also paves the way for a master’s in physical therapy for international students and again this specialization is also offered at diploma level.

Masters of Physical Therapy – This program is for international students who have a relevant bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and want to become licensed physical therapists in Canada. This program covers exercise and movement sciences, basic sciences, clinical decision-making, rehabilitation research, and clinical practice. This program has both theory and practical.

Areas of work

 As a physiotherapist, you have multiple options of work and also these are the areas under which a potential candidate can immigrate to Canada:

  • Clinical physiotherapist
  • Consultant physical therapist
  • Consultant physiotherapist
  • Physical rehabilitation therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Physical therapy clinical coordinator
  • Physical therapy clinical specialist
  • Physical therapy supervisor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy clinical coordinator
  • Physiotherapy supervisor
  • Registered physical therapist
  • Registered physiotherapist
  • Research physical therapist
  • Research physiotherapist

 Average Salary

 Physiotherapists are not just a respected health professional but also a well-paid job in Canada with the entry-level position starting at $33,772 per year and the average salary of a physiotherapist is $82,258 per year. Experienced physiotherapists earn around $115,988 per year.

Why Canada requires more Physiotherapists

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