The growing Canadian economy

The growing Canadian economy

The growing Canadian economy: 300,000 new jobs added in March

The country that is making all the efforts to get back on its feet is Canada. From inviting more than 27,000 in a single day through express entry on Feb 13th to adding more than 300,000 new jobs this March Canada makes heads turn.

Employment has been slowly soaring in Canada post the pandemic. As of March Canada has added 303,000 new jobs overtaking expectations and placing the labour market back on track to recover from the losses of last year.

According Statistics Canada the economy has added 303,000 new jobs in March as the restrictions were eased it was easier for employees to return to high-touch sectors that were hit by the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

The unemployment rate too fell from 8.2 percent in February to 7.5 percent in March. It also puts the job market 296,000 jobs shy of the February pre-pandemic level, which BMO senior economist Doug Porter says now seems “very manageable.”

The retail sector gained 95,000 jobs to recover from the losses of the January lockdown and the employment in the food and accommodation services sector gained 21,000.

The adding of new jobs comes just before the federal liberal release the budget where employment numbers are to be used for the planned stimulus of $70 billion to $100 billion over next three years in order to improve the economy.

Canada economist Brendon Bernard says “Prior to today’s report, we found that the Canadian employment rate has a chance to recover this year if gains can maintain a 95,000 monthly pace. The March jobs surge puts us ahead of schedule.” He further added “At the same time, progress will likely slow in April as the third wave and resulting public health restrictions send activity backward. Major progress on the vaccination front will be necessary to make these gains sustainable.”

Ontario was the biggest contributor to job gains by adding 182,000 jobs, but will likely be the biggest drag next month with the province entering a month-long stay-at-home order.


The growing Canadian economy

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