Top in-demand jobs in Canada

Top in-demand jobs in Canada

Top in-demand jobs in Canada

Every job seekers or fresh graduates do not want any job but they want ‘the job’. Picking a high-profile job that has great potential, job security, high pay; work-life balance is the wisest choice to further one’s career.

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught this world is to adapt to changes. So what makes a job an in-demand job? The lack of quality labour due to its shortages makes it an in-demand job. Some of the careers not only have great openings but also high-paying jobs.

Canadian companies are looking forward to filling the necessary shortages caused by the pandemic. Many of the positions pay around $36,000 on average up to five-figure salaries for top-tier managerial positions.

Registered Nurse

One of the most in-demand jobs in Canada even prior to the pandemic and currently is that of a Registered Nurse (RN). After the pandemic, the demand has multiplied due to the growing number of critical care patients. Canada’s aging population require more than 60,000 nurses by 2022 to address this situation.

Customer Service Representative

The pandemic has created quite chaos among customers of various businesses who are scurrying for answers with regards to their refunds, disrupted purchases, repayment of loans, payment deferrals, and so on. The anxiety increasing among customers who want their issues to be sorted out for which companies are looking for customer service representatives who can communicate with empathy and sensitivity. Moreover, there are many attractive work-from-home customer service job opportunities in Canada that allows you to live in the more affordable cities and towns while still earning a good salary.

Electrical Engineer

Companies run on complex communication systems which require electricity and electrical engineers to take care of them. Electric power generation and distribution to cars, smartphones, and computers, and many more require the expertise of electrical engineers who are an integral part of the modern world. The current demand for skilful electrical engineer who have technical knowledge, good communication and project management skills are high.

Software Developer

This has always been and will keep growing as an in-demand job due to the digital era. The remote workforce is said to be much in demand due to the pandemic. Companies are looking for coders, designers, app developers, web developers who are currently in demand. As e-commerce is developing at jet speed companies are looking to meet their demands.

Human Resources Manager

The current challenge of any company is to stay afloat. HR managers are the ones that devise human resource policies during the crisis, remote work policies, health and safety standards, maintaining employee morale, hiring new staff, helping during the transition phases and many more. HR managers who are smart and brilliant are in demand.

Project Manager

From healthcare to construction project managers plays a crucial role from the inception of a project till its completion. Project managers are sought after jobs in Canada for quite some time. The current in-demand skill set of project managers includes digital project management, risk management, change management, data management, managing physical teams, and remote teams along with excellent communication skills.

Top in-demand jobs in Canada

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