The in-demand IT jobs of Canada

The in-demand IT jobs of Canada

The in-demand IT jobs of Canada (Part – III)

IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager is the person who oversees a team of developers, analysts, designers, and engineers. They are responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. Apart from planning and organizing, they allocate resources in terms of budgeting for all the projects. Their projects include software development, app development, hardware installations, network upgrades, cloud computing, business analytics, data management, and other IT services. They are required to have administrative skills apart from computer science.

Entry Level Salary: $54,000
Top Salary: $100,000

IT Business Analyst

The key role of an IT Business Analyst is to combine the practices of business administration and information technology. They liaise between the IT department and other departments and they address the business needs of the IT side by using the best technology. Apart from that facilitating the needs of stakeholders, identifying key markets and potential customers, preparing reports on software and app development are some of the key responsibilities of the analyst.

Entry Level Salary: $52,000
Top Salary: $115,000

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance analysts are software engineers who look for bugs and errors and making sure the final product is error-free. During the course of software development the quality assurance analyst runs the code several times for correct functioning and makes sure it works on all devices and platforms. QA analyst also runs tests on software and websites for potential problems, malfunctions, and errors. This is one of the strenuous tech jobs that require detail-oriented people.

Entry Level Salary: $65,000
Top Salary: $106,000

Data Analyst

The increase in reliance on data has lead to a demand for data analysts which is one of the most well-paid in-demand jobs of the Canadian tech market. Today most companies rely on data to make informed decisions, to develop products and strategies, for new investments and many other purposes. The job of a data analyst includes designing data systems, maintaining databases, fixing data-related errors, mining data from multiple sources, removing corrupted, assessing and analyzing the quality of data and many other data-related tasks.

Entry Level Salary: $60,000
Top Salary: $120,000

Network Administrator

Network administrators manage the internal and external servers of a tech company who are responsible for its smooth running of its customers and employees. They take care of the network making sure the connections are fast and secure and running error-free. Installing, configuring, and maintaining the systems and networks, identifying network issues, budgeting for components are some of the key roles of a network administrator. Extensive troubleshooting skills are required of network administrators apart from wide technical knowledge.

Entry Level Salary: $50,000
Top Salary: $93,000

As more and more businesses become digital with heavy reliance on technology, the IT sector is in for growth and demand for more jobs is said to increase in the coming years.

The in-demand IT jobs of Canada (Part – III)

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