study at the University of Regina

Study at the University of Regina

Why study at the University of Regina..?

Popularly known as U of R, University of Regina is a public research university situated in Regina, Saskatchewan. The university is well known for its experimental learning, cooperative education, and placements. It has more than 3000 international students from 90 countries. The university prides itself on the student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1 in its huge campus.

Most importantly, U of R is known for extremely affordable programs including masters in engineering.

“Honoured as the Top 200 Best Young Universities in the world by Times Higher Education (THE)”

It offers programs in media, business administration, arts, engineering, social work and health studies through its 25 academic departments. It has a total of 120 undergraduate, 78 graduate, and specialized programs.

“Bachelor of Arts in Nursing, Software Systems Engineering, BBA in International Business and Master in Economics are some of the popular courses in the university”


Surrounded by natural landscapes, the university is surrounded by great views of scenery, birds, picturesque locales, restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores an easy bus ride away. It has state-of-the-art facilities. From the student accommodation to food the city is known for its affordable cost of living. Being on the trans-Canada highway the city has multiple railways and roadways for easy commute.

“The the campus has gyms, pharmacy, groceries, and many other facilities.”


Faculty of Arts – Undergraduate programs in philosophy, politics, and economics

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science – petroleum engineering, software systems engineering, environmental systems engineering, and electronic and industrial systems engineering

Healthcare programs in Nursing and Social work

Other programs include interdisciplinary programs and creative technology programs


The university offers scholarships to international students on both merit and need basis.

  • University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship
  • Joseph Schwann Graduate Award
  • Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business Entrance Bursary
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Scholarship
  • Campion College Graduate Scholarships


The university has a very good track record for placements. It has provided numerous opportunities for internships and co-operative programs. More than 90% of its graduates who apply under the co-op placement are placed at well-known companies. The co-operative education work experience program has helped students earn over CAD 10 million in 2017 alone.

“Through its UR guarantee program, the university guarantees career employment opportunities which will help them get a job within six months of graduation”

Research Emphasis

The university is known for its progressive thinking ways with a large emphasis on applied research. It is among the top 15 comprehensive universities in Canada. The students are encouraged to involve themselves in primary research projects while studying.

“In 2020, 55 University of Regina student researchers received awards through the Tri-Council – the primary mechanism that the Government of Canada supports post-secondary research and training.”

PR Pathway through Saskatchewan provincial nominee program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is an immigration program that helps bring in prospective immigrants who have the necessary work experience and the skill set to fill in the in-demand jobs around the province. After receiving a provincial nominee certificate the candidate can apply for permanent residency. It has a much faster processing rate than other immigration nominee programs.

Saskatchewan offers all the skilled foreign workers and international graduates a safe, stable, healthy and long-term employment.

Study at the University of Regina

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