Community College: ‘A feasible option for a lucrative career’

A feasible option for a lucrative career’

Students all around the world have suffered immensely because of the Corona virus pandemic. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on students’ plan who had planned to go abroad, some have planned to either defer or cancel. It has also caused a major financial crisis for students as they unable to work while studying.  At this juncture, we look at other feasible options that have a lucrative future for students who are keen on overseas education.

Thousands of students arrive in Canada for its high standard of education every year. Some begin after their post-secondary which is the tertiary level of education. After completion of high school in their native country, they come to Canada to attend a university or a college.

So what is a Community college..?

It is a post-secondary institution that offers high school graduates a variety of programs that are publically funded. Canada has ten provinces and these community colleges are funded by these provinces. The federal government of Canada funds these colleges. Due to its backing by the government these institutions are ‘known for its subsidized or low tuition fees’, making it affordable for all international students. They offer programs ranging from 1-2 years. Some of the programs offered by community colleges:

  • Post-secondary diplomas
  • Post-secondary certificates
  • Post-graduate diplomas or certificates (i.e. one needs to complete a undergraduate degree or diploma program before attending these programs)
  • Short-term training and crash courses
  • Skills trades training (e.g. welding, plumbing, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree programs (under the supervision or with the collaboration of a university)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) training
  • French language training

Community colleges have small classes, part-time and full-time classes, affordable tuition, well-researched programs, personal and career support, and many more. Some of the colleges are located in cities that have a low cost of living. They provide ample skill set for students, preparing them efficiently for postgraduate courses and university courses.

Tuition fees

The biggest advantage that students can get is having the financial burden reduced. The tuition fees of community colleges start as low as $7,000 per year (depending on the program). This has pulled some international students to Canadian colleges for its affordable fee structure along with good employability.

What is so distinct about a community college..?

The ever-changing landscape of the job market demands only the best workforce. Apart from your educational qualifications employers look for skilled labor, the demand for which is always growing.

Community colleges are spread throughout big cities that work along with the local industries while designing programs and research projects. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it has theory and practical work spread equally. The students study and work alongside simultaneously which lends practical exposure.

Postgraduate diploma

Postgraduate diploma courses come at a much affordable cost when compared to a University offers Master’s and placing more importance on job oriented curriculum. Most of these programs are designed for students to intern with companies alongside studying. ‘These programs provide a gateway to Canadian Permanent Resident permit’, which provides great job opportunities. A postgraduate diploma is one of the popular study programs among Indian students.

The Master’s program in Canada generally requires 16 years of academic qualification, which includes 4 years of an undergraduate degree. You can get in to a PG Diploma program with either a 2 year Post Secondary diploma or a 3 year bachelors as well.

The average tuition fee ranges from $12,000 – $19,000 CAD per year.

Community College: ‘A feasible option for a lucrative career’

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