What makes Germany an ideal place to study..?

The first thing that comes to mind about Germany is the ‘German Engineering’. A country that is synonymous with innovation and quality. Germany has been steadily drawing international students from all across the globe in recent times for its top ranking universities, internationally recognised degrees and high employment opportunities. It is one of the best European countries for higher education.

Germany draws over 357,000 international students annually. It is also one of the countries that draws numerous scholars from all around the globe.

‘Low to No’ Tuition fees

The increasing cost of tuition fees has always been of major concern to foreign students who wish to pursue a higher education abroad. Germany is one such country that’s known for its ‘low cost tuition fees‘ and ‘no cost tuition fees’ by its universities.

As of October 2014, the government of Germany passed an order that all international students would be studying at free of tuition cost at its public universities. International students will only have to pay certain administrative fees like student union fee, student contribution and a public transport ticket which costs €250 per semester.

According to a survey conducted by Studying-in-Germany.org 35.3% of prospective foreign students preferred Germany to other countries for its low and no tuition fee universities.

 Top Ranking Universities

German Universities have always set a benchmark for its higher education surpassing global education standards consistently. As of 2018, there are 106 public universities out of 429 public higher education institutions in Germany.

Most of these universities have been topping the rankings consistently as one of the world’s best universities. Apart from their top notch quality these universities are known for their hands-on experience, academic opportunities and providing a safe and a friendly environment.

German schools and universities have one of the finest teachers and research scholars in the world. Their reputation precedes them. Apart from having some of the oldest universities in the world at top ranks, the list gets bigger every year with new additions from the modern world. Some of Europe’s oldest universities are in Germany.

 The Eurotrip

A European student enjoys the same rights as a German citizen with regards to free entry, to study and to work without acquiring any additional permits.

After successfully getting a student visa, you are eligible to apply for a residency permit that allows you to travel within the country and the whole of the ‘Schengen region’.

Engineering – the German way

Germany offers a plethora of degree courses in its universities for every student. A nation known for its engineering marvels has invested a lot of money in its engineering universities which recognized worldwide. Also it has some of the best programs on medicine.

Cost of Living

When compared to most well developed cities Germany has one of the most affordable costs of living.  One of the major battles as a student is the cost of living, food, public transport and other services comes at the most affordable cost in Germany.

 Job Opportunities

German universities’ degrees carry a lot of respect and value and have one of the highest employability rates in the world.

As per the German law, International students can work up to 20 hours a week as part-time. Most students take up part time part time jobs to meet with expenses. Some of the part time jobs include babysitters, bartenders, working at grocery stores, bartenders and amongst others.

German degree holders are one of the sought after professionals who land high paying jobs after graduation.

What makes Germany an ideal place to study..?

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