A big challenge we all face is keeping a handle on everything that we need and want to do and making sure that we don’t miss anything. This is especially true for students with the myriad things to do & activities to complete. With this in mind, here’s a list of three apps that could help you out….

As a student, there are a few things you can do to make your life less overwhelming. Some of them are quite simple such as keeping track of engagements, deadlines and events. How you do this is up to you: some people keep a diary, some have a big calendar on their wall, some people keep reminders in their phone.

Regardless, almost everyone will have to evaluate all the jobs they have to get done based on how urgent and time consuming they will be so that all tasks can be prioritised accordingly. In order to accomplish this, there are some apps out there that can help you organise your life and manage your time:


One of the worst habits for destroying concentration and ruining quality time is constantly checking your smartphone – whether to play games, look at social media or stay up to date with endless group WhatsApp threads. Forest is an app to help you reclaim that time and stay in the present. While it’s simple enough to work for children doing their homework and teenagers studying for their exams, it’s also an incredibly effective alternative for adults too.

Set how long you want this session to last, touch the “plant” button, and you’ll see a countdown timer start ticking, beneath a cartoon picture of a small seedling. From then on it’s simple. Simply ignore your phone to allow the seedling to grow into a tree. Each completed session will add another plant to your long-term “forest”, and you can compete with friends or colleagues by sharing your forests with each other.

If you open your phone to check the growth of your seedling, you’ll see messages like “go back to your work” and “don’t look at me.” If you exit the app to check messages or use other apps, the plant will die. As well as tracking your progress by seeing how your forest is doing, you can also check the metrics to see if your self-control is improving.

While it might seem a little childish, I was surprised how much this visual representation of success helped to motivate me to stick to my non-phone time and focus on what I was doing. While some users have said they’d prefer to be rewarded for refraining from checking their phone without having to set up a session in advance, I disagree. Deciding on a focused hour and taking a break once the session is complete really helped me regain control.


Trello is a visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Trello can be used to organize, collaborate, communicate and coordinate on projects and assignments. Trello is great for a variety of work, educational, and personal uses, from school bulletin boards, lesson planning, collaborative student research projects and task management to planning and organizing your next vacation with your family.  The best part is Trello’s collaboration-ability – boards can be viewed, edited, and managed by multiple members so classrooms, teams, or families can keep track of everything and everyone in a really intuitive and visually appealing way!

While Trello may seem like a great tool to keep your own life organized, it has a ton of applicability in the classroom that might surprise you!  Trello is a great tool for project-based learning.  Students can use Trello to take control of a project and outline the steps needed to bring it to completion.  They can split up tasks and plan what they need to meet goals.  They can move cards around as needed, or as pieces are completed, and you can track their progress in real time as they go!  You can even go in and set deadlines for individual components, which may help those procrastinators in your classroom. It is a great tool for synchronous or asynchronous communicationactive learning, cooperative learning, and conducting research.

Remember the Milk

This is a really useful app for keeping track of day to day tasks and commitments. The basis of it is a simple list to which you can add tasks. You can set these tasks to repeat and add various tags to them. The big advantage of Remember the Milk is that it is designed to work across multiple devices meaning that you can get to your task list whether you are working on your PC, using a tablet at home or out and about with a phone. This flexibility means that it is really useful for keeping track of what you need to do wherever you are.

Other useful features includes;

Giving Tasks:This is a great way to remind friends of their assignments. All that you need to do is make a list of tasks and then send it to them! They can then use the list as their own.

Sharing Tasks:You can share your lists with up to 2 other people. Sharing lists and tasks lets everyone work on the same things at once. This allows everyone working on the tasks know what has already been completed at any given time.

Integration: The Milk syncs with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote. This lets you have your tasks wherever you go!

Reminders:After setting up your contact preferences, you can have the app send you reminders of your tasks via email, text, IM, and Twitter!

There are loads of apps out there that can help you organise your life and manage your time. Different apps work for different people so why not give them a try? If you already use an app and we haven’t listed it here, please do let us know by emailing us at feedback@BlueSkyLearnEDU.com

Organise Your Life And Manage Your Time With These Delightful Apps

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