Introduction to Quebec
Known as “la belle province” (the beautiful province) to its locals, Quebec is Canada’s largest province and home to approximately 7,900,000 people. Quebec is a vibrant multicultural province, often earning it recognition as the “Europe of North America”. Quebec is also famous for its vast forests, rolling hills and countless waterways. In fact, Quebec has over 1,000,000 lakes and waterways, giving it more fresh water than any other province.

Population – Approximately 8.2 million                                                                                                        Capital – Quebec City                                                                                                                                Temperature – (Daily Maximums) January -6 ; July: 26                                                                              Destinations – Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke

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Why Choose This Province

Foreign Students in Quebec (immigration) Stream
If you are finishing your studies in Quebec and hold a valid CAQ (Québec Acceptance Certificate) and study permit, you may be eligible to apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker program and obtain immigration to Quebec. You must have completed at least 1/2 of an eligible study program and be ready to enter the workforce. Other conditions apply.  

Quebec Experience Class
Students who have finished their studies in Quebec and meet language requirements may be eligible for immigration to Quebec. To be considered eligible, students must have received a diploma or degree from a school recognized by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Studied for a period equaling two years (or at least 1,800 hours), and shown evidence of successful completion of an intermediate level French course or French language test

Schools in Quebec, Canada

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