“Hmm. This looks interesting. Let me bookmark it to read later.”

How many times over the years have you done that? Countless, I’m sure. Me, too.

Being an ardent blogger and an avid internet junkie, I stumble upon lots of articles in the course of a day. I don’t make space during the week to read everything  I want, so I save a lot of it for time I’ve set aside for just this (generally evenings or weekends).

However, bookmarks? They are a thing of the distant past. When I want to tuck something aside to read later, I simply tuck it in my pocket. Pocket with a capital “P,” that is.

Pocket is an app built specifically for this purpose. It syncs with over 500 different apps: Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Feedly (my another favourite) just to name a few.

I use Pocket extensively & find this one of the best apps for offline reading where I would consider this a very handy application for your day to day work & assignments as students.

Here are a few ways that Pocket can make you even smarter and more productive.

1. Start off Strong. Whether you’re browsing online or scrolling through your favorite apps, Pocket lets you quickly save all the articles, videos, and web pages you’d like to view later. Pocket works on your phone, tablet, and laptop, so you have easy access to everything you’ve saved anywhere on campus.  You can even read articles offline, making Pocket indispensable for anytime you find yourself without Wi-Fi.

2. Do Your Homework. Pocket can help you gather and organize information on just about anything. Whether you’re studying calculus or cell biology, Civil War history or Cubist painting, Pocket can be your storehouse for study guides, photos, tutorials, how-to videos, and background research. With a personalized library at your disposal 24/7, and tags to organize everything by subject or source, you’re sure to rock those term papers.

3. Add Notes. You can easily share anything you save to Pocket to your Evernote account. Create a notebook for every class where you can keep your research, relevant Pocket articles, class notes, and citation info, all in one place.

4. Stay Focused. We’re all prone to distraction — which can sometimes strike at the busiest points in the semester, or (shhh!) sometimes even in class. Pocket makes for a killer way to combat procrastination, because you can safely store interesting links away, knowing they’ll be there for you to come back to whenever you have the time. Say goodbye to all those open tabs and emailed links.

5. Share Your Smarts. Found an awesome article on Roman aqueducts, or a great list of tips on how to interview for summer internships? All it takes is a couple of taps to share these useful resources with your friends and classmates using Pocket’s Send to Friend feature. Add a note or comment to your message, or include a relevant quote from the article itself. When all your friends use Pocket, knowledge gets shared and everyone becomes smarter together.

6. Listen Up. Eyes and fingers sore from too much skimming and typing? With Pocket’s Text-To-Speech feature for Android, you can have your saved items read out loud to you. Make the most of campus shuttle rides with the “Listen” option in any article in Pocket.

7. Unwind, Rewind. It might seem like all you do all day is read, read, read. Give yourself a break! When you need some time off from studying, kick back and catch up on all the cool videos you saved to Pocket

Fall Semester has never looked so promising.

Pocket for Students: My Favourite Offline Reading App

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