The value of New Zealand’s international education industry reached another record high in 2017/18 after increasing by 19 percent since 2015/16, making international education the fourth largest export of the country. The industry now has a total value of NZD$5.1 billion (USD$ 3.44 billion) and supports 47,490 jobs (15,000 more than two years ago). In addition to boosting the economy and nurturing academic institutions, the inflow of international students brings cultural benefits and raises the international reputation of New Zealand’s universities. The benefits are also increasingly wide-spread with regions outside of Auckland reaping a growing share of the economic rewards. The gains come despite a recent decrease of 5 percent in international enrollments following the closure of several private providers and attempts to prioritize quality over quantity.

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New Zealand: NZL Reaps Strong Benefits from International Education Despite Decreasing Enrollments

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