Why Study In Italy

Many prominent institutes for higher education are in Italy especially in the field of Architecture and Design, Sciences and Engineering, New Technologies, Economics and Management, Agriculture, Human Sciences, Conservation and Restoration of cultural assets, Cinema, Dance, Drama and advanced musical studies.

Furthermore, the quality of teaching and strengthened international relations between Italian and many foreign institutions give students many opportunities for a fulfilling educational path and successful future career within an academic environment as well as in many other professional fields.

Why choose Italian Higher Education System in 6 points:

1. Excellence

Studying in Italy provides the possibility of achieving a high-prestige degree in Italian universities and academies recognized throughout Europe as well as many by  international ranking society reports (Shanghai Jao Tong , QS, Times Higher Education). 

2. Professionalism

Italian universities and academies provide very high competences and they also support and counsel students during the course of their studies. 

3. Labour market opportunities

Italy is in the vanguard in several fields of higher education many of which correspond to the most developed professional sectors of the labour market. 

4. Flexibility

Higher education programs are based on a credits system (ETCS, European Credit Transfer System) by which students can make their plan of studies according to their needs. 

5. Scholarships and Fellowships

Several universities and academies offer scholarships or fellowships, with services for lodging and catering, set up by the Agency for the Right to Education which is organized at a regional level. 

6. Quality of life

Italy is home of the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has a rich collection of arts, culture and literature from many different periods as well as a long  tradition in numerous sports, both at the individual and team level. You can enjoy a high and unique quality of life and a welcoming atmosphere. 


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