Your international college degree will be one of the most lucrative investments you’ll make. The cost of attending college may seem daunting, but that’s exactly why finding, applying for, and receiving scholarships are essential to ensure that you won’t struggle to make huge student loan payments upon graduation. Scholarships are no longer just a bonus. They’re crucial for bridging the gap between the increasing cost of tuition and what you and your family can afford to pay out of pocket.

This post provides details on top scholarships you can apply for if you are planning an education in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and China.

Scholarships for Study in the United States

Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships


The United States-India Educational Foundation, or USIEF, offers these scholarships to Indians who wish to pursue either a master’s course or research in any U.S. institution.

Scholarship Eligibility – Students should have completed the U.S. equivalent of bachelor’s (4 years of education), and should have at least 3 years of work experience in the area they wish to study in. Leadership and community service, communication skills, and motivation to pursue study and contribute to nation-building are a few areas candidates are evaluated on, and thus should be highlighted in the application.

Expenses Covered – The scholarship covers tuition fee, airfare (economy), textbooks, and a living stipend.

Areas of Study – The scholarship gives preference to candidates who wish to study in the areas of Arts and Culture, Environmental Science, International Legal Studies, Public Health, Gender Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, and Public Administration.

Application Time – The application time for these scholarships is June prior to the year of the start of the program.

No. of Seats–There is no specified number of seats. USIEF considers the applications of all candidates found deserving of the scholarship.

Country of Study – Students wishing to study in the United States of Americashould apply for this scholarship program.

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Tata Scholarship


This scholarship makes it possible for Indian students to study at Cornell University, USA for their undergraduate courses.

Scholarship Eligibility – Candidates applying for this scholarship should be Indian Citizens who have secured an admission to Cornell University, and require a need-based financial aid.

Expenses Covered – The Tata Education and Development Trust covers the tuition fee for undergraduate programs up to eight semesters. For programs exceeding that duration (such as Architecture), the student will need to bear the additional cost. Living expenses, food, medical, and travel expenses are also covered under the aid.

Areas of Study – Students accepted to the College of Architecture and Planning, the College of Engineering, the Applied Economics and Management major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and majors across Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, “Hard” (such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) Sciences, and Social Sciences are preferred.

Application Time – Applications for this scholarship open around the time of college applications, generally in October/November each year, and awards are given out in December.

No. of Seats – The trust supports 20 students in total studying at Cornell at once.

Country of Study – The aid is limited to students going to study in the United States of America at Cornell University.

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Scholarships for Study in the United Kingdom

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship


The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission offers these scholarships to students from the Commonwealth countries (such as India) who can make a significant contribution to their home country. The scholarship is for students applying to master’s and PhD programs in the UK.

Scholarship Eligibility–The candidate should be an Indian Citizen, and should have completed education in the English medium. S/He should have secured at least 60% in Social Sciences and Humanities or at least 65% in Engineering, Technology, Science and Agriculture. PhD candidates have the same eligibility criteria for application. The Ministry of Human Resource Development conducts preliminary interviews for shortlisting applicants.

Expenses Covered – The scholarship covers tuition fee, economy return airfare, and other living expenses.

Areas of Study – Candidates wanting to study Engineering and Technology, Sciences (Pure and Applied), Agriculture, and Humanities & Social Sciences should apply for the scholarship.

Application Time – Applications open in August every year for batches starting the next year.

No. of Seats–The Commission does not specify any number of seats for the scholarships, deserving candidates are shortlisted for the award.

Country of Study – The scholarship covers study in universities in the United Kingdom.

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Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships


These scholarships are offered by Newcastle University to students who have been offered a place to study at the university. It encourages international applicants and considers every applicant who applies to the university based on merit and diversity priorities.

Scholarship Eligibility – Candidates who have been extended an offer to study at the university, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, are eligible for this scholarship.

Expenses Covered – It covers a partial aid of £1,500 – £5,000 towards college tuition for one year.

Areas of Study – The scholarship covers undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as integrated master’s programs.

Application Time – The University allocates the scholarships in February, there is no need to apply separately for it. The University automatically considers international students who are accepted to the university for the aid.

No. of Seats – 200 in total (undergraduate and postgraduate courses)

Country of Study – The Scholarships are only offered to students admitted to Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

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Chevening Scholarships


These scholarships are an initiative of the UK government to encourage students and professionals from India to take on leadership roles in the future. It aids in completing a one-year master’s program in the country.

Scholarship Eligibility – Students and professionals who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, and wish to pursue a master’s degree in the UK are eligible to apply. Candidates with at least 2 years of work experience are preferred.

Expenses Covered – The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, travel costs to and from the UK, and other allowances. It provides full or partial aid, depending upon the need of the candidate.

Areas of Study – All one-year master’s programs are covered under the scheme.

Application Time – The application process takes about 6 months, starting from the second week of August and ending in July every year.

No. of Seats – There are 65 scholarships that are offered to Indian candidates every year.

Country of Study – The scholarships cover universities in the UK that are in association with Chevening.

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Scholarship for Study in China

Chinese Government Scholarships


These scholarships are offered under the India-China Cultural Exchange Program to students applying to Universities in China for undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as doctoral programs.

Scholarship Eligibility – The candidates applying for the aid should have at least 60% marks or above in their last academic qualification, and should have adequate knowledge about the geography, culture and heritage of China. Since the medium of instruction for the courses is Chinese, candidates are required to undergo one-year training in the Chinese language prior to admission.

Expenses Covered – The scholarship covers tuition fee and living/travel expenses, based on the financial needs of the candidate. The Indian Government takes care of the airfare expenses to China and back.

Areas of Study – Students applying to 16 different disciplines of Science, Literature & Language, and Humanities & Social Sciences are preferred.

Application Time – Applications for the grant begins in March for the same year.

No. of Seats – There is no specified number of seats for the scholarship. Each offers a different number of scholarships to candidates.

Country of Study – The scheme covers study in China.

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Scholarships for Study in Europe, United States, and the United Kingdom

Inlaks Scholarship


The Inlaks-Shivdasani Foundation grants this scholarship to exceptionally talented Indian Students who wish to study or gain professional training at international universities.

Scholarship Eligibility – Students applying for the scholarship should be residing, preferably holding an undergraduate degree from a recognized Indian University. Candidates admitted to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs can apply, and only candidates less than 30 years of age who have secured admission to a top-ranking University are eligible.

Expenses Covered – The aid covers tuition and living expenses up to US $100,000. If the total funding exceeds the amount, students need to show proof that they have the ability to cover the rest of their expenses.

Areas of Study – All areas of study, except for Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies, Medicine, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music, and Film Animation are covered under the foundation’s scheme.

Application Time – Applications start in January and close by April 15th every year for the term that follows.

No. of Seats – There is no specified number of seats for the scholarship, the board that conducts the interview decides on the candidates to be selected.

Country of Study – The scheme covers top universities based in America, Europe and the UK.

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students


The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are funded by the European Union and are directed at students from EU and non-EU students to study at European Universities under approved Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programmes.

Scholarship Eligibility – The Award is conferred on students who are selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at Masters or Doctoral Level. Each Erasmus Mundus Joint programme has its own eligibility criteria, and students should consult with their representatives before applying.

Expenses Covered – The Award covers full scholarships including tuition, travelling costs, insurance costs, and living expenses for students. Non-EU students are offered higher scholarships than EU students in most cases.

Areas of Study – The Award covers about 116 master’s courses and 29 doctoral courses. Areas of study include Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Mathematics & Computing, Manufacturing, Health & Welfare, Social Sciences, Arts, and Business & Law.

Application Time – The Application time for the next session is in the months of October to January.

No. of Seats – There is no specific no. of awards mentioned by Erasmus Mundus.

Country of Study – The Scholarships can be availed for study all over Europe in the programs that are in association with Erasmus Mundus.

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Scholarship for Study in Canada

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award


The Award is offered by the University of British Columbia for international students applying to their undergraduate courses. Students who hold an outstanding academic record, and have achievements in the field of Sports, Performing Arts, Debating, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Eligibility – A student (only non-Canadian students are eligible) needs to be nominated by the school which s/he currently attends. It should be the student’s first undergraduate degree, and the student should meet all requirements for English Language as well as the program applied for. The student should also demonstrate financial need that would prevent them from pursuing a program of their choice.

Expenses Covered – The scholarship is given based on financial need, and an assessment is made by the university about the financial situation of the candidate. The scholarship can cover tuition fee, as well as living expenses. The Award can be renewed for all three years of undergraduate study provided the student display satisfactory academic performance and financial need.

Areas of Study – The scholarship can be availed by any student who has been admitted to UBC in any undergraduate program.

Application Time – The deadline to complete applications is November for sessions starting the next year.

No. of Seats – There is no specified no. of scholarships mentioned by the university.

Country of Study – The Award is only given to students accepted to the University of British Columbia, Canada.

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