Why Study in Estonia

Estonia is a small Baltic country located between Russian and Latvia. The country boasts incredible scenery, stunning architecture, and offers a classic European experience. Estonia is a popular student destination because of the variety of programs available and the low cost of tuition and living. 

As one of the first fully-digitalized societies in the world, few countries could match the technological advancements that Estonia has achieved. Students taking up an education in Estonia are given a glimpse to the world of tomorrow, where almost every facet of life – healthcare, business, even government elections–  are done online.

Due to the country’s success and high quality of life, an education in Estonia has become an interesting pursuit among the global community with an estimated 5,500 international students studying here.

The trend is on an upward surge, with a 20% growth of foreign applicants every year. Plus, 89% of international students stated that they are satisfied with their education in Estonia in a survey conducted by the International Student Barometer.

Estonian academic institutions provide over 140 English-instructed, internationally-recognized degree programs as well as a successful and efficient support service for foreign students pursuing an education in Estonia.

More about education in Estonia

Estonia is the birthplace of premiere companies such as Skype and TransferWise.

The student population features individuals from 90 different countries, including fellow European states such as Germany, Italy and Russia, as well as non-European nations in China, India and the US. Student life is made sweeter by the fact that the Internet is majorly free and accessible anywhere, as Estonia declared that Internet access is a basic human right in the year 2000.

Another attractive aspect of an education in Estonia is that the country is also one of healthiest places to live in with 50% of its territory covered in forests. Along with quaint inlets and gorgeous beaches, these natural wonders remain relatively untouched, due to the nation’s small population size.


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